HD Visor clear sight of the situation on the road!


Protects you from glare and
bright sunlight

Protects you from the blinding
headlights of oncoming traffic

HD VISION VISOR Optical device

  • does not block view;
  • replaces 2 types of glasses;
  • easy set up;
  • suitable for all car types;
  • 2 filters: grey (for day) and yellow (for night);
  • comfortable and safe conditions for the driver.

Don't strain your eyesight!

Need to strain your eyes in bright sunlight or against the glare of oncoming headlights? Forget it! No more discomfort!

check out the difference!







  • Robert, Birmingham
    "I heard about the HD Visor from a friend and decided to get it for myself. I set it up in my car, and now I’m no longer worried about getting into an accident because of the blinding sun."

  • MichelParis
    "I ordered the antiglare visor. Set it up easily. My eyes don’t strain as much and don’t tear up, it’s very convenient for me because I wear glasses for driving."

  • LuciaBologna
    "This device is very helpful on the road both day and night. I’m satisfied. Will recommend it to my husband as well! I can’t imagine how I drove without it before. Thank you very much!"

  • AlejandroMadrid
    "I bought the device, attached it, and realized it’s necessary in the car! In winter, I can see the road very well. At night I look at the oncoming headlights without squinting and frowning."

  • EnidCardiff
    "A very useful item. Much better than glasses. The anti-glare glasses were constantly bothering me by pressing on the bridge of my nose. The visor, though, is very comfortable, nothing bothers me any more. During the day when the sun is strong, I ride with the grey visor, and use the yellow one at night. I recommend this visor to everyone!"

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